• 02/21/2018
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • 9119 E Talking Stick Way, Sct 85250
  • 2


  • This is a group event, which lasts 45 minutes. After the event you are welcome to join us for dinner.
  • This is a group event, which lasts 45 minutes. After the event you are welcome to join us for dinner.


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 This VR experience is the most immersive and realistic to date. Imagine a game that doesn’t feel like a game. You’re not wired to a console and your body becomes your controller. In our area, the real world and a digital one are seamlessly meshed together. Once you don our gear, you are instantly transported into a hybrid reality. Squat, peer around corners, crawl, reload and get ready… because when you move this game moves with you. It is pure immersive mayhem and you are in total control of your fate!

We are limited to 6 players and we have a choice of either Zombie Survival or Singularity. 

The mission is simple… navigate an apocalyptic city and locate the transport ship that will escort you to safety. As you work your way pass demolished buildings, burning wreckage and hell on Earth, you and your team are met by an onslaught of the undead. It’s difficult to escape these flesh-hungry zombies and even harder to avoid the ruthless raiders that want you dead. Race against the clock to restore order and get to the transport before time runs out.

You and your team are sent to investigate a secretive military research space station that has gone dark. No life signs have been detected and only the defensive robots remain. Something is very wrong. Battle through robots, killer drones, and gun turrets as you explore the narrow corridors, lifts and, zero-gravity environment of the space station to find the answers. But don’t worry, gravity boots keep your feet firmly planted on the floor (or the walls). Use strategy to determine which of the four weapon modes (scatter, beam, pulse rifle, or rail gun) to use on which enemy.

After the tour join us for dinner at The Wandering Horse Buffet @ Talking Stick which is 1 mile away. Let us know if you want to join us so that we can make reservations.

P.O. Box 2008 • Phoenix, Arizona 85001 • E-mail

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